Halki Harbour

Sunrise on Halki

Panorama of Halki village

Halki Harbour

Pondamos Bay

Monastery Courtyard

View from the castle

View to the Windmills





The tiny island of Halki lies off the west coast of Rhodes. It has no airport, and access is by ferry alone. This means it has preserved much of its traditional peace and tranquillity, and the hour and a quarter ferry ride from Kamiros Skala (the small harbour on Rhodes which has daily connections with Halki) is almost like a trip back in time. If you are looking for nightlife and water sports this is not the place for you. If you want a relaxing, friendly and very Greek atmosphere then you will have found heaven.

In recent history there were two main settlements on Halki, the old village (Chorio) and the harbour area (Emborio). The Chorio, located beneath St Maryís Church and the Crusader Castle, is now largely deserted, with Emborio being the centre of island life. Since the village is so small, the amphitheatre of the harbour is where most of life is lived, and all of the shops and most of the bars and tavernas are located there.

During the season Halki has a local population of approximately 300 people. This means that during your stay you will become very familiar with various village characters as well as with the proprietors of your favourite bars, tavernas and shops. You will find a warm welcome from everyone. The setting is authentically Greek and the greeting you receive is genuine.

Tavernas and Bars
There are eight tavernas located around the harbour area (called ĎPiazzaí by the locals), and one at each of the two main beaches. The food served is mostly traditional home-cooked Greek food with a variety of meat and fish dishes. The tavernas always offer vegetarian options, and some of them also do wonderful take away food. There are also 6 cafe/bars which as well as all kinds of drinks offer Greek sweets and cakes, ice-creams and other snacks.

Shops and Amenities
Emborio has a quite a wide variety of shops for such a small island. There are 4 mini markets, 1 excellent bakery, 3 very different souvenir shops and a small traditional Greek Kiosk. Together the shops provide for almost everything you might need during your stay, and if they donít have something to hand they will always be happy to order it for you from Rhodes.

There is also a Post Office, open every weekday morning, and an ATM, both located on the harbour front. Money Exchange is also possible at the travel agency on the harbour front

The village church is dedicated to Saint Nikolas and is well worth seeing inside. It is beautifully decorated and rich in the atmosphere of the Greek orthodox faith. There are also several other small monasteries nearby which merit a visit.

Halki now has its own minibus, operating a useful service to 3 beaches (Pondamos, Ftenayia, and Kania), the hotel, up to the old village and Crusader Castle, and further on to the Monastery of Saint John. In addition to the minibus the island has both a regular taxi and a water taxi. Another new addition is Kiristanis Cruises, a large speed boat which will take individuals and groups to the further afield beaches and to other islands such as Alimnia.

There are two popular beaches within easy walking distance of Villa Yorgos and the village centre: Pondamos and Ftenayia. Both have sunbeds and a taverna. The beach at Kania, about 40 minutes walk away (or 10 minutes on the minibus)
is small, pebbly and brilliant for snorkelling. It has a snack bar for drinks and refreshments.

Spring and autumn are particularly popular times for walking on Halki. The old village beneath the crusader castle and the Monastery of St John are two of the most well-trodden paths, though they both require stamina!

The crusader castle is an impressive sight from below and repays the effort of the climb up with fantastic views of Halki and the islands over to Rhodes.

The Monastery of St John is one of Halkiís most special places. It lies at the farthest point from Emborio harbour along Halkiís only road into the mountains. The church is small but has beautiful icons inside, and the courtyard with its ancient pine tree and surrounding cells is a wonderful place to experience the serene atmosphere of the monastic setting.

For the adventurous the Temple of Apollo above Kania repays the effort of the clamber up and provides a sense of Halkiís pre-Christian past.

For the truly serious walker Bob Fordham of Wild Thyme Walks organizes group walks to various places on Halki, and is always ready to give advice and information.

Yorgos Hatzigiannakis: Telephone on Halki: 0030 22460 45005 Mobile: 0030 6945 084979
Email: caroline@halkidirect.com